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Hair up or down with strapless gown?

Need some advice:
I have a strapless dress which is actually two dresses in one (train comes off and turns into a "party dress" for the reception.
Our ceremony is going to be on the beach on the shore of Lake Michigan (in Door County, WI), and the reception in a more formal ballroom.
I have very thick, long, curly brownish-read hair...which never turns out the same twice (I never know what I'm gonna get each day). My biggest fear is frizz.
I'm not wearing a veil, and am just starting to look for a headpiece, but unsure of what to look for because I don't know if I should wear my hair up or down.

Any advice?

Re: Hair up or down with strapless gown?

  • I'm getting married on Lake Michigan too, and the only reason I am growing my hair out (I usually have a short bob) is because we are going to be on the lake. Frizz might be an issue if it's hot, but I would be more worried about it being wind blown. So if your hair is curly naturally it would probably get really fizzy just because of the wind! I don't know if Lake Michigan is as breezy on your side of the pond as it is on ours but yikes! 
  • If your that worried about frizz I'd go with an up-do.  One less thing to stress about.  I'm in the same boat but with brown hair haha
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