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Wedding Hair and Beauty

Black Hair?

Hello everyone! So I've had black hair pretty much most of my life. See, I was born with black hair. Since I spend a lot of time in the sun, it gets kind of bleached and fades to like a reddish brown. So, I dye it black to maintain that "natural" look. I recently went to my hair trial and my hairstyle has these cute little braids in the back but you can't really see them too great because the hair is too dark. Also, when I used to volunteer for an animal shelter someone told me that black cats and dogs don't get adopted out as quick because they never photograph well... So I'm worried that my black hair may not photograph well. Anyways. I wan't to look natural but I don't know if there's anything I could do to bring out the braids and curls. Or  should I just leave it black? This isn't great pic, but it's all I've got here. TIA everyone!!
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Re: Black Hair?

  • Ask about that with your photographer.

  • no this is untrue if you have agood photographer your hair should show up my friend has jet black hair and you could see every little detail, also black cats and dogs are picked less due to supersitions like how black cats are bad luck, has nothing to do how they look in pictures:) youll look great!
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