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side swept bangs help!

I've had side swept bangs for a couple of years and I just cannot get them to stay full looking.. they fall flat and separate(if that makes sense) basically you can see parts of my forehead when they looks awful. 

My routine for my bangs:
While my hair is wet, I flip my bangs in the opposite direction, put mouse in it and blow dry with a round brush. It seems to help but it doesn't last long. Any tips? 

Re: side swept bangs help!

  • Have you ever thought about curling them under?  This makes them appear thick.
    Teresa & Bill June 10, 2011
  • Wash your hair every once in awhile with baking soda.  Just mix it into your shampoo!  Most of the time, if your hair is a little on the oily side or thin, bangs will do this! Believe me, I know from personal experience!  I also taught cosmetology for 2 years and this trick works!!! The baking soda works like a clarifying shampoo and takes all the residue out that regular shampooing won't.  Hope this helps!
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