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Student Stylist


Getting my hair and BM hair and make up done is just not in budget. My maid of honor/sister was expecting to have me pay for their hair and make up. I am trying to explain I am having to scrap together money to do my own hair and would not have enough money to pay for their hair too ( I am not requiring it either).

I came up with the idea of calling the local beauty school and asking if we could have appointments at the school with the student or we could have a student come to us if they had a practice run infront of their instructor for a reduced fee.

Has anyone else tried this before?

Re: Student Stylist

  • p.s. I want to get my hair done by student too, because I can't afford $175.

  • Students are a great option when they're working under the safe-eye of an instructor. Maybe even call the salon you wanted and see if they have apprentices, as getting your hair done is usually cheaper with an apprentice as they're not a licensed professional just yet, but again are under the watch of a ticketed professional. 
  • I'm a cosmetologist and I can say that as far as the school I went to (The Aveda Institute) we had to get "check ins" with our instructor and the client so that after having talked to our client, we had to reiterate to our instructor what our client wanted and how we would do it.  That's kind of the clients time to speak up if things dont sound right and also the instructors time to tell the student the way the plan on doing your updo is right or wrong.  The instructors would be around throughout your appointment to make sure all is well.
    I did tons of updos when I was in school and different clients said they liked mine and other students updos more than ones they had done professionally.
    I think that going the route of a school is a great choice, so long as its a reputable school that you can trust and that you feel comfortable in.
    But, the most important thing I can tell you is to bring pictures, even multiple ones just in case the image you have in your head for your hair won't work with your hair texture, length etc. and also BE SPECIFIC when you tell them what you want and SPEAK UP if during your appointment things aren't looking right.  Its a lot eaiser to fix something as soon as you notice its wrong instead of waiting.  No legitimate student will be mad, its a learning experience and you are paying for what you want.
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  • great idea.  when i was in cosmetology school i did a bunch of updos for weddings and bridal parties and other special events. its a safe bet with the teacher there since they have to check in as pp said.  try to find a reputable school, some schools teach more creative skills than others - some schools focus more on passing the state exams than being a great creative hairdresser.  big name schools are good, paul mitchell toni and guy, aveda would all be good id think to name a few. i went to a paul mitchell school
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  • That is what my bridesmaid told me that this local beauty school  does makeup free if you get your hair done therer.

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