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Hair growth

Is anyone taking suppliments to make their hair grow faster?


Re: Hair growth

  • No, but I found out I was engaged almost a year ago and your hair grows about 1/2 an inch to an inch a month so my hair has grown out quite nicely on it's own. How far away is your wedding?
  • I take prenatal vitamins and biotin. I have long, fine hair, but a lot of it- and I want it to be a bit more beefed up for the wedding.
  • My wedding is Oct.   I haven't cut it since I got engaged too, but I always had chin length or shorter.  It's probably going to only be down to my shoulders by wedding time.  I think I might start taking the vitamins just to help.  Couldn't hurt, right?!  I'm not familar with biotin but I've heard a few ladies talk about it.  Is that OTC too?

  • Yes, biotin is OTC.  I'm going to start taking it again :)
  • im taking Biotin and fish oil. not sure if the fish oil helps but it helps with the shine and of course keeps your skin nice too :)
  • I've been using Nioxion shampoo from Sally's and my hair has been growing like crazy!! Great stuff!
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  • There is a vitamin "hair skin and nails" its very similar to the prenatal vitamin.. maybe even the same? It has a good amount of biotin in it.
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