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Straight hair

Anyone have hair ideas for me my FI's cousin said she would do my hair and is very good but my problem is my hair is straight and thick. Im talking so thick i could prob make a wig with all the hair i loose just brushing it in a month and you would still not know that i lost any hair. And straight. so straight that i tried to curl it and it took a whole thing of hair spray, 3 curling irons(because they had to be very hot and in a lot of sections), 2 people and 3 hours. I did that for halloween one year and am not looking forward to doing it in july when the heat really wont help. Oh and its very long. At the middle of my back when in a braid. Thanks for any help. Sorry this post is so long.

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    I do hair for a living and its never taken me 3 hours to do someones hair.. Especially since you had 2 ppl.. Does this person do hair for a living? You should try a brand of curling irons called hot tools, they are soooo hot and will curl anything, also try some good hairspray and products.. When I curl someones hair i hardly use anything but my curling iron until the very end then I spray it, something is wrong with what they did to your hair, that shouldnt be. Good Luck to you and hopefullu you get it done in less than 3 hours!
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    Do you want it up, down, or half up half down? Do you have anything for inspiration? My hair is also straight and only holds a slight wave if I take a shower and braid it wet and leave it for 12 hours. I was think ing of doing halfup half down for my wedding, but I'm not sure yet. I think your best bet is to go to a salon and ask advice on your hair, and do a search for hair styles for people with thick, straight hair. 

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    thanks i think ill have to try that.
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