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To Perm, or not To Perm

I have long, thick, heavy, straight hair. The wedding 'do I want is a curly updo with curly whispies framing my face. Is it a good idea to get it permed? Is there an alternative, like an overnight set that would work?

Re: To Perm, or not To Perm

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I vote no perm and just have a professional create the look you want for the day.
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  • I agree with Addie. I used to spiral perm my hair every fall, and I stopped because it alwasy broke my hair off, sometimes worse than others. You don't want to risk something going wrong with it like that if you've never done it before. Permed hair also can make it harder to style. 
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  • I had my hair permed in a spiral perm and loved it but would not get it often. Do you want curly hair for a year? If yes, go for it but do your research and go to a salon that has experience with perms. Talk to your stylist for the wedding and make sure to do a trial after your perm. If you're just looking for curly for one day, don't do a perm.
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