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What Do I Say?

Hi ladies,

This may sound a little dumb, but I've found a few salons that I'm interested in checking out for my wedding hair.  I'd like to call them to set up a consultation meeting, but what exactly should I say?

Re: What Do I Say?

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    I work in a salon as a stylist and also a receptionist. You tell them that you are looking to have your trial updo/makeup there with them, ask who they recommend working with brides and go from there. At my salon we have one main girl who does the brides. Depending when your wedding is, I would do a trial about 2 months in advance in case you are not happy with it, then you can try more. But just call and they will help your from there.
    Good luck and post pics!
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    Hi this is ________ and I'm calling to see if you do bridal hair..(xx Response xx).. That sounds great. I have ___type hair and am looking for something like _______. Is there anyway we can set up a consultation so that we can go over possible hairstyles together? .. (xx Response xx).. Best days for me are usually _______. 

    They wll probably ask you questions on: budget, date, venue, dress, theme and personal style.
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    They will not ask you on the phone where your venue is or your theme... Just ask to set up consultation and that you get someone who has worked with lots of brides. The day of your consulation the stylist will ask you dress style, theme and all other but that will be out of convo. Youll just have to ask prices on phone, any of the other above they will not ask you oer phone.
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