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Sew in or clip in extensions?

I know that I want extensions just for fullness but I have never had them before so I was wondering what you ladies thought about it. Have you ever had them before? Do you have a preference? Let me know!
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Re: Sew in or clip in extensions?

  • i recently got the clip on ones from Sally's.  Love them!  They can be styled because they are actual human hair.  Also since they are clip on they can be adjusted or taken out and wont damage your hair like sewn in ones will.
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  • I say to go with the clip ins, but I HIGHLY advise you to try wearing them before the big day.  I personally don't like the way they feel, but I think sew ins are worse.  As the PP said, make sure to get the human hair ones, or else you wont be able to style them (put heat to them etc), also, if you get the human hair ones, you can have them dyed to match your hair color exactly.  Just mention to your hairstylist that you want your clip ins colored to match your hair color when you make your next appointment.  No one will be able to notice if they are colored and put in right.
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  • I also wear the human hair clip-in extensions from Sally's and they are just fine for the wedding day, style great, and are cost-effective.

    I would love to have permanent extensions, but they are too expensive here in Dallas.
  • Clip in's all the way. (I'm a hairstylist. I do extensions on the side.) Clip ins are great because as soon as you're tired of them, take them out, store them, and they're good to go for next time. It's also great to style them the night before. 

    Sewn in are great too, but definitely damaging and more uncomfortable. Damaging because of the tension of the braiding done to your scalp, so it's sore for a day or two. Not to mention the braids are uncomfortable to sleep with, even if done properly. Washing your hair well is hard. The elastics holding the end of your braiding my break. plus the upkeep of getting them taken out, rebraided and re sewn every 2-4 weeks. 
  • I've had both. I only use cilp ins now. Due to everythign the PP said! 
  • I tried clip ins, but my hair is really thin, so you could see the bump where they started. I had to tease my hair a little to hide that. I recently tried on a Halo Couture extension. There was no bump because they go a little lower on the back of your head. Also, you don't have to tease your hair where the clips go to make them stay. It's really quick and easy to put on and take off. www.halocourure.com I still need to find somewhere here in dallas that sells them though.
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