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Doing your own hair VS salon

I'm going with a modern beehive with my dress, which is a hairstyle I'm pretty comforable with. What are your feelings about doing your own hair on the big day? This would apply for bridesmaids too.

Are you going to hire a professional for your hair and makeup?
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Re: Doing your own hair VS salon

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    i hired a professional for hair but we are doing our own makeup...
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    Not necessarily gonna do a professional but I think it'd be safer for me because they might actually know what fits my face and dress - I just don't wanna spend lumpsomes of money on something like that, so more than likely it'll be the last thing I think about. 
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    I do my own hair and makeup every day. I'm not into "over the top", I am who I am. I refuse to spend a bunch of money on something so temporary. I'll be doing my own.
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    I'm going to have my hair & make up done just to ensure it stays the whole day... :)
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    If you feel comfortable doing it then I say go for it. Salons are super expensive and that's hours out of your morning gone, and heaven forbid something goes wrong. 

    Personally I'm doing my own, we're getting married in Vegas and living across the country I can't get out there for a trial so I don't trust it. Best of luck =)
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