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Two hairstyles?

I had my trial a few days ago and loved it!  It is a very pretty low side bun where she curled it and then made it look awesome in the back and on the side.  After a few hours I took out the 75 bobby pins (I literally counted them!) and my hair fell BEAUTIFULLY!!  It looked so nice that FI and I went out for dinner afterwards and he couldn't stop telling me how pretty I was.
So I was thinking what if I did the up do for the ceremony and part of the reception and then took it out and let it be down and curly for the last part of the reception.  I think it would be pretty cool to have my hair two different ways. Oh and my hair stylist will also be attending the wedding, so I am sure she wouldn't mind taking 5-10 minutes to take it out for me and make sure it falls nicely.

Just wondering if anyone else is doing this

Re: Two hairstyles?

  • I like the idea, my only concern is how long will it take you to take all those pins out??
  • I would say about 5 to 10 minutes.  Maybe less since she will be helping me.
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    That would be great for a send-off! Especially if paired with a shorter dress as your husband whisks you away!!!!

     Just an FYI
    If she is your friend, make sure you pay her to help you take it out, especially if you are paying her to put it in! Just because doing hair is what she does doesn't mean that it isn't work. If she's willing to do it, awesome! Just make sure you tip her extra, as she is a guest and guests aren't required to do work! My mom's a hairdresser and people don't understand that it is work for them; its like asking a landscaper to trim your hedges or mow the lawn when he comes over for a summer bbq lol
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  • Oh of course I will take care of her!!  I am always a good tipper.. I am a waitress so I know how it is.
  • Just as long as you aren't taking her for granted, go for it! A hairstyle change is much more practical than a dress change!
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  • I love that idea! :)
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