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I was reading the post about discolored towels, and I have the same problem.  I use Proactiv, and many of my old towels/washcloths got discolored.  I started using just my hands to wash my face instead of the washcloth and trying to rub it off really well, and it's better, but my towel is still fading on the parts where I dry my face.  It has done this to several pajama tops as well.  (A little scary to think what it's actually doing to my face!)  I really like the Proactiv products, but they seem pretty expensive for a product that's damaging my towels and clothing. 

Does anyone have a recommendation for another face wash system that works as well, but doesn't bleach out fabric?  Has anyone tried the Neutrogena system (similar, but with salacylic sp? acid instead of peroxide)?  If it were less expensive, that would be great, too!

Re: NWR: Proactiv vs Other Face Wash

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    I've been using the Clinique 3 step system for years and love it. They have an acne 3 step system too, but I've never tried it. I use products from their acne solutions line when I do break out. FYI, it's Clinique bonus days @ Macy's and online right now. :)
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    I've used Cetaphil in the past, but like Proactive, it bleaches out towels.  I've since switched to the Target generic brand for Cetaphil and it doesn't seem to discolor things and works just as well.


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    Ditto Punk Ness!!  I've just started using Clinque 3 Step about 6 weeks ago and I've already seen the difference. Def. recommend. 
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    I use AcneFree - it's similar to Proactiv but I haven't noticed any discoloration on the towels.

    If you mean the Neutrogena SkinID system - I tried it for about 2 months and absolutely hated it. It made my skin break out even worse, and really dried it out. 
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    Why don't you just continue to use Proactiv and wear the already bleached PJ tops, use a specific towel for drying your face, and use white pillow cases?

    It was hard for me to find something that worked as well as Proactiv did so I just made adjustments and kept using the Proactiv.

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