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FI's brother is not speaking to us

and deleted us from *dun dun dun* FACEBOOK! Apparently because he's butt hurt he isnt the best man and is just an usher. Well kiddo, the reason we did it was because A.) you're working 2 sh*t jobs and are broke still B.) You have a baby coming in 3 months and we were trying to save you $$$ by not having to rent a tux, all the other expenses that go along with it and C.) you don't even know if you have the money to drive the 45 min to come to the wedding.

To make it all worse, FI's mom is getting involved and telling the brother to just "delete us" or don't talk to us. Well, that's not going to fix anything, IS IT CHAMP?

/end rant. Sorry lol. I'm just so over people lately.
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