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Tips for our Cruise?!

H and I leave for our Caribbean cruise honeymoon tomorrow (I almost wrote FI instead of H!).  I've never been on a cruise before (and am beyond excited).  Do you ladies have any helpful tips to make it a great experience? 

We've already booked our shore excursions and reserved seats for shows on the ship.  Anything else?

TIA!  :)

Re: Tips for our Cruise?!

  • I used to cruise a lot with my parents when I was younger and they are SO much fun!!

    I think making reservations for excursions ahead of time is a great idea! Enjoy the at sea days if you have any, they are great for relaxing and hanging by the pool!

    My one and only other tip would be to make sure that you are back to the ship at LEAST 30 minutes before it's set to leave port at each island you visit. The ships don't wait for anyone, so if you're 5 minutes late and the ship has already started to head out, you're SOL and literally will be stuck on whatever island you're at.
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  • I've never been on a cruise.....but what islands are you visiting?
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    [QUOTE]I've never been on a cruise.....<strong>but what islands are you visiting</strong>?
    Posted by vineyard12[/QUOTE]

    The Bahamas. St. Thomas, and St. Martin
  • Just relax and enjoy it. Try to do as much on the boat as possible. I agree with getting to the ship at least 30 min before it leaves because they don't wait on anyone. Go to the shows! When I went on one several years ago all the shows were great and I loved them. Plus it's a good way to relax at night.
  • You can go to  there are message boards there for every cruise there is, I think.  People have probably posted tips for your specific cruise! 

    We just got back from our honeymoon cruise, and it was amazing...  Will you have a balcony?  We had breakfast on ours a couple of times, and it was such a great way to start the day! 
  • i am an avid cruiser..although since i got engaged we had to forego our normal yearly excursion. We actually got engaged in Costa Maya, Mexico on the island during our cruise.

    My advice...If you want to shop...St. Thomas is the best island for cheap load up while you are there. BUT stick to the shops that are backed by the cruise line. I recommend a catamaran snorkel adventure to turtle cove (i think its called)...
    We had a BLAST on that excursion. Drank, partied, snorkeled...and had a really good island BBQ. 

    Depending on where you go in the bahamas be aware of your surroundings there....Nassau happens to be a very busy island with a lot of people who will try to get you to buy a bunch of stuff  you probably dont want. And the drugs there...omg...they will try to sell you anything right in the open. Its one of the more commercial islands. Your eastern caribbean islands happen to be much more enhabited and built up...moreso then the western caribbean islands that are more like 3rd world.... 
    I have traveled to both....You will have fun no matter where you are.

    As for the ship, eat, eat...and eat. You will not believe how much food there is on a cruise. Do not worry about making the bed, or cleaning up etc. The room stewards take care of all that jazz and the servers are there to make your trip enjoyable. Make friends if possible. It makes the cruises much more fun too.

    Go see some particular the Big productions they have on the ships. I saw Hairspray on the Oasis of the was amazing. The amount of talent on these ships are amazing. 

    Drink but dont get too wasted...I know sometimes its hard on a cruise but you dont want to be in your room hung over for half the cruise. i did that on the 1st cruise i went on. it was terrible...the boat, the rough sea days, Blehhhh.... i was sick for 4 days from one night of partying.

    Pack a strong SPF sunblock. The sun in the caribbean is BRUTAL! 
    At least a 70 on your face. I warn everyone because 2 times i came back from a cruise and 2 times i had new sun spots on my face from burning and tanning ...I had to have extensive skin therapy to get rid of the spots. its a Pain in the A$$ to get rid of. 

    Dont expect to spend much time in the room....Spend as much time out and about checking out the ship. There is so much to do.... its endless...spend at least one sea day relaxing...especially on your way home. You will probably need a day to recover when you get back,....because there will probably be nights that you are out having fun until very late.

    If they have a show called The Quest.....GO TO IT!!! Its an adult scavenger hunt and it is so friggen hilarious. You dont want to miss it. Most ships do something similiar.

    hmmm if i think of anything else...ill post it but i hope this helps :-)
    Above all...have a blast.
  • Don't forget your sunscreen!!
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  • We just got back from our honeymoon cruise to Progreso, and Cozumel.  We went on the Carnival Elation.

    Wear appropriate shoes/clothing when on excursions!  Oh my god.  I wore sandals to Mayan Ruins, and completely screwed up my feet.  In fact, if anyone visits a Mayan Ruin bring an umbrella because the sun is HOT.  If H and I hadn't of coated ourselves with sunscreen beforehand, I am absolutely sure we would have been burnt to a crisp.  When we went to Cozumel I thought I was being smart by wearing Crocs, and I slipped on a metal beam in the pier.  I skinned up my hands, and my knees, and I hurt my ankle.  Plus I felt like a complete [email protected] when I was sitting on the pier because it hurt too much to get up right away, and all of these people are asking me if I'm okay.  So, wear good athletic shoes, or something. 

    When walking back to my cabin I heard people having sex at least twice.  Those walls are THIN.  If you don't want people to know your business make sure you are quiet.  Our headboard was very loose, so I'm sure our neighbors just LOVED us.  They'll put two twin beds together to make a king bed. (At least they do for cheap people like us.)  If you don't want the headboard-hitting-the-wall sound just lay across the bed instead of head to headboard.

    At least on our cruise we couldn't bring in outside liquor.  Any that we bought while on excursions was kept by the cruiseline until the last night.  Want to save money?  Get an empty water bottle, and some clear liquor.  Put liquor into the bottle.  We heard a bunch of college age kids bragging about doing this, and had to laugh because we did the same thing.  :D

    Always bring cash with you, even if you are on a cashless boat.  Every single tour guide, waiter, ect ect ect off of the ship expects a tip. 

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