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Seriously? (vent)

I finished my seating chart yesterday and wrote all the table numbers on the escort cards. As I'm writing the last set of numbers, my fi comes in, looks at the chart, and asks me to seat his brother with his friends instead of with his family. At 10:00 at night. Then he wants to know why I'm working on this, and when I'm coming to bed.

Luckily, I had it sorted out by 8am this morning, but now I have to go redo all of the cards for people whose tables changed.

End vent.
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Re: Seriously? (vent)

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    I understand. I love my FI to death, but sometimes he makes the oddest requests. It happens! The wedding is a test of a marriage and while frustrating, I keep telling myself to always look at the positive and say "At least he is involved!"
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    AT least thats all he asked... my fiance's family is traveling 10hrs to be at the wedding, so not many of the guests from his hometown will make the trip.  On top of that his parents are in the middle of a divorce - yesterday Joe informed me that his mom and dad CAN NOT sit at the same table.... Where else do you want me to put them?  With my friends, my family, your friends.... BAAAA! 
    At least I am not alone.
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    Guys have no idea what goes into planning a wedding. DH had no idea why we needed a day of timeline....
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