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Finally..some checks.

I got some stuff done yesterday! And im leaving to accomplish some more momentarily! Just sitting here waiting for FI to finish getting ready, I swear he is worse then a girl! Anyway!
We booked and prepaid for two rooms at the hilton garden in riverfront for the night before the wedding. I could care less about not being togther the night before but he wants to so... I got a great corp deal through my job so I got them for about 30 off ea. a night!
I booked and prepaid for our honeymoon suite at the luxurious St Paul Hotel, in the landmark suite. We get the B&B package, and added the romance package. I also booked a couples massage after bfast and before oot's brunch!

I also found my earrings via etsy! I love them

I am going today to go hunt for new shoes, my original ones are uncomfortable as all heck.

I am also stopping at VS to get the girls some gift cards, I am also going to hunt for some reasonably comfortable yet cute under stuff for my dress. I was going to get a bustier until i realized there was corset built in... duh!

I ordered a bolero (a little uncomfortable with back flab, and no matter how much toning i try to do, it will not go away. Slight improvement, but still there dangit! Plus im a total nervous sweater. Didnt want people coming in for hugs and getting stuck to my back. I opted for a black one as my sash is black. This will only be worn for the reception, not ceremony.

I paid off my ptographer and got cashiers checks for all other vendors! HUGE CHECK! I was so woried as we have been semi tight on cash, but it all worked out. Anyway, that was my last 24 hours

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Re: Finally..some checks.

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