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Escort cards?

So I've decided to scrap my original idea for escort cards because it isn't going to work well to convey menu selections.  I've come across some really cute ideas and now I can't decide what I like!  I've already recently fallen in love with origami wedding stuff...

Difficulty: it also has to convey the guest's menu choice in a way that the wait staff will easily be able to tell - so I was thinking I would need something that would stand up as opposed to lie flat on the table and be easily covered by something.  Then I thought that I might be able to use different color for each menu selection to help.

My new idea was to get some sort of large empty frame, paint it silver, and then use small glittered clothes pins to pin trifold cards to strips of lace suspended in the frame (kind of like this:)


But then I saw this and thought I could use crystal strands instead to match my decor:

But THEN in my seach I saw these cute origami ideas!  I love the idea of a bunch of paper birds/cranes/hearts/flowers on the table, maybe with some hanging if I do the birds, or still incorporating the frame...?

Damn you, Pinterest!  Now I have so many ideas I can't decide which one is best!  What do you ladies think?

photo trex2_zps7ab4e9b0.jpg
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Re: Escort cards?

  • I really like all of them, but if I had to choose I would pick the last one. That is a very unique idea.
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  • I like the origami birds and flowers, but they will take a LONG time. Do you have the patience and time to do them? If not, I would go with hanging the names on cards on the crystal strands.
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