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Feelin' out of sorts today *vent*

I feel so out of sorts today! My computer at work has decided to die. So, I am on someone else's and I feel like I am invading someone else's space.

I also am feeling agitated because I can't workout...or go to Zumba. I had an a-typical mole removed from the back of my thigh last week (which, by the way, still stingy hurts) and there are stitches there. They won't be removed until the end of next week. So, I have to take it easy. This is harder than I thought. Ow.

I also feel blah towards my job and I am ready to move on. I am tired of sales, and in order for me to make money, I have to sell. I am considering a career change, and I am looking into radiology. It's pretty intense, and I would have to quit my job and find something part time. I am tired of my commute (45+ mins ea way), and when we have kids, I can't be gone 10 hours a day. It's just not fair to me or the kid. I want to work closer to home, have steady income, and great health insurance that doesn't break the bank.

Thanks for letting me vent. I could go on, but I won't. I am ready to get married and go on our honeymoon already!

How are you all doing?
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