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Hey...I'm just looking for a few opinions so I don't make a mistake-- I know how important the photographer is to the wedding!  So I need to find a photographer for under $2000 (with printing rights, full day coverage).  Was considering that I may have to spend more to get the style that what I want (or just not get the style I want) until one of my BMs recommended a photographer that shot her sister's wedding.  So the photographer is just starting out, but her style is very similar to more expensive photographer's that I've seen, and I can tell it is only a matter of time before her business takes off.  However, my FMIL is making me just a bit worried because after I told her that this photographer has only shot a handful of weddings, she started saying how if she were me she'd book a more experienced photographer.  My mom and FI like the less experienced photographer and are supportive, but in the back of my mind I'm still a little worried.  So I'm just wondering if anyone has any other advice, opinions, or just things that I should consider.  Thanks :-)

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  • If you like her work and she's professional, go for it.
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  • I'm going with a girl who has never shot a full wedding on her own before because we'll get a great deal, she's shot pics of us before that I LOVE, and I'd rather work with someone like her than someone who will rip me off with things I don't need.  Go with your gut!
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  • I'd never go with someone brand new for photos, but that's me (and your FMIL).  It's just an opinion.

    If she has shot weddings before, ask her to see ALL her photos from one day - get a sense for if she can capture action shots/shots in low light/etc. I asked all the photographers I interviewed for access to one full wedding.  If you do that and then still like her work, then go for it. 
  • Hey thanks everyone for the advice. I did look at one of her full albums from friends sister and liked what I saw. I'm going to schedule a meeting with her and ask to see one more full wedding just to be safe. Will let you know how that turns out!
  • My photographer is just under 2,000 and has done tons of weddings (  If you are confident about your photographer, then go with it.
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    I'm with md. You can find photographers under $2K that have more experience. There is A LOT to be said for experience when it comes to photography.
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  • If she is good and you like her work so far then go with them! 
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    [QUOTE]My photographer is just under 2,000 and has done tons of weddings (  If you are confident about your photographer, then go with it.
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    My friend is also going with Limelight and has loved what she has seen/heard from them so far.  I plan to use a lesser-known photographer from another friend's wedding for less money because I am willing to take the chance on her inexperience after seeing the pics from my friend's wedding!  I'd say if you like what you see and feel confident in their ability to capture what is important to you, then go for it!
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