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Who has started????

Hello all,

I just wanted to find out if anyone else out there has started planning or even booking vendors for their wedding yet. My FI says that I starting way too early. I just want to know that I am not the only early bird out there.

Re: Who has started????

  • It's never too early to start planning. the earlier you start, the better. That way you know exaclty what you want for your big day and you have plenty of time to decide on things that will make your BigDay extra special. Booking vendors early can be a good thing. Don't wait until last minute to book a vendor or you wont be able to get it for that day.
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  • You are not the only one! This is a good time to bounce ideas back and forth before going full force.
    My FI and I have gotten through most of the budget as well as set up a few appointments to see some venues. We want to make sure we have our venue for our day since our day isn't very flexible.
    We have our photographer (because she is a family friend and has given us a good deal).
    Otherwise, I've been browsing, looking at different ways to incorporate ideas, and gathering it all in a big notebook.
    I'm not doing much more than that (unless a really good deal comes up) so that I can rest easy for the first year or so and enjoy our time as an engaged couple. Gotta love calling him my fiance!
    Happy Planning!
  • We are in the process of booking our venue. We live in a major city and it's hard to get dates. When we lost our 10-1-11, everywhere else was already booked so we had to move the date. And we don't want to get pushed back any more.

    We also have our photographer but that's carry over from Oct planning.

    I think now is a great time to start figuring your budget out and pulling ideas together so you can get any DIY done or shop around for vendors.
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  • I've booked my venue and photographer so far... both were already booked in 2012, so it is definitely not too early to start..most places are booked up 2 years in advance where I'm from. Good luck planning :)
  • We just booked our photographer and we are getting ready to book with the church so we can ook our venue. We have our budget and we have a general idea of what we want. I love the fact that I started early. Time goes by fast, so I say the earlier the better :)
  • We already hashed out our budget, I bought my dress, and we booked our venue! We have a friend doing photography, and I've found my florist and DJ ( I think!) but just haven't booked yet... and I already have picked out the BMs dresses, but I am not asking them to purchase for another 9 or 10 months...whew! We are definitely ahead of the curve but I'm really okay with that.. certain things like the centerpieces and the invites and the attendants are a lot harder than we thought, so I'm glad that we have a head start on the other things...
  • we booked our venue, ive already looked at dresses, and picked our photographer as well. I also started my invite list too. I think i am way ahead of the game but then again everyone says it goes by quick.
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