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RSVP "reminders"

Our RSVP date is still a week away, but our caterer needs the final count just five days after that, so we've begun sending out friendly little reminders to people we haven't heard from to send in their RSVPs. Still waiting on 36 people, including two of the GM!

Re: RSVP "reminders"

  • I have to start sending those out as well.  My RSVP deadline is in one week and I am missing over half of them. Its been really frustrating for people who say things like you know "I'll probably be there, why do you need the RSVP card. "
  • I have text friends about our room block deadline (which is my sneaky way of making them RSVP).  Our deadline is next week Wednesday and we have only gotten just over half.  I doubt our GM are going to send them in, I would just like to know if they have a plus 1!!

    So answer to your question is I would start bugging the closest people to you and then maybe wait till the deadline for the not so close ones.
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  • Good luck getting those RSVPs!  Our date was 3/29/12 and we still haven't recieved some back.  Give that task to the moms - I just had them call anyone who hadn't RSVP'd on either side and tell them that we need to know.
  • I JUST did that. My RSVP return date was yesterday but I have to have a final head count and a count for dinner as well, in one week! Knowing my friends, I wasn't going to waste any time in reminding them. I made a private facebook event and nicely reminded them that I needed it, like now, lol.
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  • RSVP date "before Wednesday" (ie: Tuesday),final count due to caterer Friday.... ahhhh. We JUST got the count in... I'm so glad I convinced my mom we needed more than one night to track down the missing RSVPs :|
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