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starting to seem real now....

soooooooooooo.... the bakery just called to confirm everything again, even though i was just there friday (kudos to them), got our marriage license friday, FI surprised me with THE COOLEST cake stand EVER, (sorry, my phone isn't wanting to sync to the computer today, no pics) and we got the tent set up for the after party.... it all seems real now! i can't believe that i'll be a MRS in 5 days!! aaaaahhhhh!!! i'm soooooo ready.... anybody else having the "WHOA IT'S COMING" freak out?!  

*side note: the cake stand is a tiny baby pallet he got from his work.... soooooo cute!! will go perfectly with our rustic theme... he sanded it all up and put a shiny clear-coat on it... he totally made my day!! :)

Re: starting to seem real now....

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