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May 2012 Weddings


Hello May 2012 Brides...since you are passed the planning process and are now married...I have a question....
How many programs did you have for your ceremony (if any)...I am having 200 guests and am wondering how many programs to have?

Re: Programs

  • I printed 100 and still have about 30 left over and I invited 175 people.  Ours was also on a Friday afternoon, but we had a lot of people show up, I'd say about 120 people at the Church.
  • OK..thanks for the quick reply!
  • I printed out 65 for 135 people and had about 10 left over!
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  • i printed 150 and there were 160 guests..i only had about 15 left...but thats because it was hot hot hot and people were using them as fans.
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    We had 95 programs for about 160 people and there were still some left over.
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  • I had 100 for 150 people and still have plenty. That was even after the WP take theres and the parents and DH and I got ours.
  • I printed 90 and we had about 150 come to the wedding.  Not sure if I have any left over since all my stuff is still packed up =]
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  • I printed 115 for 115 guests... definitely did not need one for each guest. 
  • OK..thanks everyone.  You feedback is helpful.  Maybe I should give one program to every family or couple.  I definietly will not do 200 programs.
  • I had 120 guests (a few large families mind you) and only printed 40...we had 3 left over.

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