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NWR: New Video Game

My fiance pre-ordered Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City the Special Limited Edition one like 5 months ago from Amazon. And they ship directly to the house and it arrives on release day. Well he has been checking the door every 15 minutes since like 7 this morning thinking that maybe it showed up and we just didn't here the doorbell or a knock. He really wanted to play the game before work today. Anyway it was both really cute and exasperating. Well, he left for work about 10 minutes ago and the game just arrived. Called him at work and he's all sad... :( I swear, he can be so adorable sometimes. Gotta love having a grown man that is a child at heart. :)

Re: NWR: New Video Game

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    That is super cute. I love how they are all manly until something like that coMes up and then they are all of a sudden like a little kid.
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