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Hi Ladies, I'vd been lurking on your board b/c I am getting married next month and I love all your amazing pictures. Any advice you have for us June brides?
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Re: Advice?

  • Drink lots of water! 
    Take  time to breath. 
    Don't worry about being a little late, it's not like they can start without you. 
    Don't sweat the small stuff, you really WON'T notice it when the time comes.
    Vodka & rubbing alcohol will take all sorts of stains (ex. mud, grass, red velvet cake, etc.) out of a satin dress.
    Have fun! and remember, this is the day you have been waiting for! You get to marry your best friends. That is really all that matters. All your guests will see it and it is beautiful to every one of them.

    Good luck!
  • Ohh, I'm a June bride and a Lurker too. I love any advice you wonderful ladies have to share.
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    Yes! First...relax! The day is going to go by fast, you'll wonder if it really even happend at all. It felt like I was in some kind of dream, like is this really happening right now? The night before the wedding, I stayed alone in our hotel room and H stayed with his best man. We ended up meeting for breakfast and then taking a walk into town because I knew I would be holed up in my room the rest of the day!

    1). I made nearly everything (centerpieces, etc). I knew I would not be around if questions arose from the coordinator, so I made a list of everything and labeled everything as well so there would be no questions. I also provided pcitures of how things were to be set up (centerpieces, sign-in table, ribbons that were hung, etc). My coordinator was impressed with this and made her job way easier. Plus I got a ton of compliments, which made me happy after all my toiling!

    2). Eat and drink. I did not do this, and I should have. I had breakfast of eggs and bacon and some coffee. That was pretty much it. I had gone out and gotten crackers, cheese, fruit cups, and veggies. No one ate them :( I had some sips of coke and a few crackers. I was starving by the time we got to the reception.

    3). Look at yourself in the mirror. Regretably, I didn't have a chance once my dress was on because we were running late (15 mins) and we were trying to get a lot of pics done. So, if you can, take a min or two to look at yourself.

    4). Take 5 minutes to yourself. I so wanted this, but it didn't happen because people wouldn't leave me alone! I wanted 5 mins to collect myself and my thoughts. I was so nervous and I just wanted that to breathe.

    5). Once you're in your dress and you head down the's going to go by in a blink! I swear I blinked and it was over. Our ceremony was probably 10 mins! I was a nervous wreck and as I got the alter, I was cool as a cucumber!

    6). COMFORTABLE shoes! I had a pair for walking down the asile. Then I put on flip flops while we went and did our photos. It was more comfortable and I didn't have to think about if my feet hurt. Then I put the shoes back on for our announcemnt, first dance, etc. After eating, I put on sneakers. Wish I had remembered socks!

    7). BASK IN THE GLOW with your new husband, and try to take a few minutes away during the reception with him. We only had 32 guests, so this was easy enough for us. We actually went outside several times because the AC had been turned off and I was dying!

    8). ENJOY YOURSELF AND DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. No one will notice if the cake has the wrong flowers on them. No one will notice the little things like the color of the napkins. I swear it!

  • -Take melatonin or tylenol pm the night before--I felt like a little kid on christmas eve and could not sleep...

    -Stay calm--if you stay calm, everyone else stays calm.

    -Pack water and some kind of soda to settled your stomach if you need it.

    -Pack snacks for after the wedding--you'll be hungry!

    -Laugh :)

    -Designate someone other than yourself for management that day

    -Bring reception shoes--I changed to flip flops almost immediately!

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  • I would try to eat before the ceremony. I tried and ate 1/4 of my sandwich because I was so nervous and I did manage a bottle of water. Just remember to enjoy yourself and do not worry about the small stuff. If things go wrong oh well, it will still be wonderful, I promise :)
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  • PPs have good advice...getting all the info to the right people on how to set up set, contact info, etc. helps.

    I'll add:

    1) Make sure you bring safety pins - H stepped on my dress and literally ripped out 2/3 of my bustle.  We had to safety pin everything back up!

    2) At the reception, H and I made a rule that no matter where we were/who we were talking to, when a slow song came on we had to go dance with each other on the dance floor.  Just another way we made "personal time" being surrounded by 150 people who all wanted to talk to us!

    3) Going to emphasize the comfy shoes bit.  I changed right after our ceremony!

    Good luck with the rest of the planning!
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  • We did table visits (even though we also did a receiving line) and all of our guests appreciated it so much.. we got so many people thanking us for actually spending a bit of time with them (even if it's only 2 minutes at a table of 8 people, it means more to them).

    IF you do table visits, I suggest that you ask the MOH and/or BM to flag you down whenever a new plate comes to your spot so that you can eat the food while it's warm/cold/whatever it's supposed to be - and so you get a chance to eat it before they take it away.. didn't think of that, but MOH was AWESOME and flagged us down for dinner so we took a break from the table visits for a bit while we scarfed down some main course before heading out again.

    also, EAT before the ceremony.. I tried, but just as I went to have another bite of my muffin, I was called over to the hair stylist's chair, and we started running late so I didn't have time to finish it :( Also WATER!!!

    enjoy your day :)
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    Eat before the ceremony!  I had no appetite at all but forced myself to eat a decent amount so I wouldn't pass out or anything later!

    Don't worry about the small stuff.  Little things that I thought were so important during planning ended up meaning nothing at all on the actual day! Your day will be beautiful regardless because you'll be marrying the man you love and sharing it with great people. And if one small thing isn't right, no one wil notice but you.

    Peeing backwards really works! I only had to go once but I'm glad I knew this trick since I had a big dress.

    Delegate on the day of. You shouldn't have to do anything but get ready and show up  :)

    Pack a small snack in case you get hungry before the reception. Once my nerves went away, I was really hungry even though I ate in the morning. I had a granola bar to hold me over until cocktail hour.

    Get alone time with your HUSBAND! I'm happy to say that my husband and I spent the majority of the day/night together and it made it that much better.  People will try to get their own time with you, but do your best to keep your husband by your side .

    It's ok to be nervous.  My stomach was in knots the whole morning, but the second I started walking down the aisle and made eye contact with (my then) FI, all my nerves went away.

    Which brings me to my next piece of advice... Focus on your FI when you walk down the aisle.

    If you can, I would walk into your reception room and take it all in before anyone else gets there.

    Have fun!  If you're enjoying yourself then so will everyone else.

    Congrats June Brides!  The next few weeks will fly by. They may be filled with alot of stress and anxiety but it WILL be worth it!  And try to get in a couple dates with your FI before the wedding to remember what the day is really about.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
    Make a plan for the end of the ceremony, i.e. who cleans up, who takes what, etc. 
    Take a moments or two to take it all in.  It is the first and probably last time that so many of your friends and family will be in the same room together- enjoy it!

  • Wow, thank you so much ladies!! 
  • This was awesome!! Congrat's ladies and thank you Mik and Dani for starting this discussion!!
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