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Thank you speech??

I just decided to do a thank you speech instead of printing a bunch of programs that would have had it on there. (dont have time) Have you girls put your speeches together if your doing one and I wanna read them! :)
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Re: Thank you speech??

  • Im doing both, but havnt written up the speech, it will be done after the toasts and I'll probably just do it off the top of my head, I know i want to thank our parents, our florist and baker, and will then just say a general thanks to "all those who have helped out or supported us in some way", and thats it.

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  • FI asked me this the other day "do we need to say stuff at the wedding?". We are gonna do thank yous, but we're just gonna wing it. Nothign about our wedding is overly formal, and it's just kind of going to be an big thank you to everyone who helped etc. etc. probably end with now lets go party. lol

    I'm likely not much help to you, but just thought i'd give my two cents as to what we're doing. I have an idea about what i'd like to say, and I think that's good enough for me.
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  • i've been thinking about this lately too... glad i'm not the only one that's just gonna wing it at the reception lol... we're having an after party at our home after the reception, with bonfire, drinking, the works, so i think i'll just end like PP said, "let's go party!"

  • I was thinking about this but if we do it then I will make FI do it or we will do it together. I doubt I will plan anything it will be off the top of our head unless I 100% decide on it then I may write out something.
  • I wrote down some points I want to cover. I am going to cry really hard during the Thank you speech so if i don't have something written down, I will forget.

    I first am thanking everyone for coming and mentioning how far some are coming from. Then doing the wedding party, our good friends, then our grandparents, my sisters, FI's brother, and finally our parents.
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  • We're not doing a thank you speech at the wedding....we may say something at the rehearsal dinner depending on if other people say stuff. We're printing a thank you in the program that is going to say:

    We would like to thank our parents for their love and guidance for us as individuals and as a couple. We will always look to your marriages as models for our own. We love you!

    To our friends and families, we are honored that you are here today to celebrate our union. We thank you for the love you've shown us and we ask for your continued prayers throughout our married life.
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