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Shower invites...

went out for my Wisconsin bridal shower (which is on April 21st).  A coworker told me she got hers yesterday...she was looking at my registry today and complimented me on my choice of china. :)  I suppose this means that my NJ shower invites have already gone out since that shower is at the end of this month.  I'm super excited!  Now if I could just stop peeking at my registries...

Re: Shower invites...

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    Yay! I have been checking my registries at least once a day...
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    Now that you reminded me, I just checked.  We are getting a lot of awesome stuff....but apparently no one wants to buy us our flatware or china, which are the 2 things we need more than anything!  Seriously, we have like 4 plates and we just threw away a butter knife yesterday because it fell apart (cheap plastic handle flatware).
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     I was antipeeking until a friend made a comment about how my bb&b registry was sparse. knowing I registered for A LOT, I peeked. She wasnt lying. My shower invites havent even gone out and I only have 9 cheap petty items left. We have a 50 guest wedding. EEEEK! So we went and registered at target the other night. Hopefully that one lasts... I dont need anything as it is, Everything is an upgrade. I cant imagine there is anything else I could possibly register for!
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    We're wedding date and shower date twins :)

    I'm glad your shower invites went out! It makes the wedding feel that much more closer, eek!! I've been trying really, really hard not to peek at my registries and so far I'm doing good!!
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    I have been checking my registry almost every day lol.  I'm horrible - I just can't help it!  Plus I want to make sure that I have enough stuff on there too. :)
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    So fun!   I'm a definitel stalker-- I just can't help it!  haha.
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    How exciting! My shower invites went out last week & my shower is April 7th. I haven't stopped looking at my registry since I found out the invites were sent :) It's just too hard not to!
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