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NWR Vent

So we moved into our house (a townhouse) in July. for 6+ months it was silent. So quiet, Then a single mum with her 6 kids moved in next door. Not so quiet anymore. Lots of thumping and they use our front lawn as their shortcut to their front door and to play on.
The biggest complaint though is her 4 year old. He seems like a sweet kid. But he keeps climbing on furniture to look over the fence at our dogs. We let them out, he isnt there, he hears the dogs and comes outside to 'talk' to them. Our dogs bark and bark and bark. He also will lean over the fence to look in our patio door for the dogs (they like to lay in front of the door for the sun). Our dogs see him and bark and bark and bark. I am not really ok with having a kid looking into my hose either, and I shouldnt have to close my curtains.

We are contemplating going to talk to his mum... but are not sure if she would actually do something about it. (FI has watched the 4 year old on the front lawn unsupervised playing with a shovel on our front lawn).
I just want to build up the fence or get one of those  temporary gazebos to cover where he can look over the fence.
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Re: NWR Vent

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    Maybe just talk with the mom about safety... is him leaning over the fence dangerous... how high is the fence? Or explain that when he does this the dogs go crazy and you don't want to upset other neighbors?
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    Here's how you get the mom's attention without making her feel like she isn't watching her son. 

    "Hi.  I noticed my dogs barking a lot lately, so I looked outside and your son was trying to play with them over/through the fence.  I'm a little concerned that he might excite them to the point they might accidentally hurt him.  Is there any way you can talk to him about it?" 

    If my neighbor told me that about my son, I wouldn't let him near the fence again.  It comes across like concern for the child, and not annoyance.  LOL

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