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Printing help... for invites

So we have invites from Michael's and we need to get them printed...

We don't have a printer at home right now. Has anyone gotten them printed in a local shop like a Kinkos or something? 

Apparently our local Office Max won't print them b/c it's not thier stock <sheeps>

Re: Printing help... for invites

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    I also purchased invites from Michaels! I would suggest just going and buying a cheaper printer from Target. Thats what we did and it saved us a ton of money! We bought a $30 printer from Target and it worked so well for our invites and all the insert cards. With invites from Michaels they give you a website for the templates so it makes it super easy to make everything because all you have to do is add your information, the page is already formatted for the invite, rsvp cards, etc. I think you would end up spending a lot more to have them printed some where else.
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    I agree.  Plus, the paper from Michaels is made for inkjet printers.  I assume Office Max, staples, etc. would use laser jet printers, which can often melt inkjet paper.  Do you have a friend or family member that would let you borrow their printer?
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    Great advise. I didn't even start on my invites. Not ready for the headache.
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    FInd a family member/friend who will let you borrow their printer for the day or go buy a cheap one from the store. I have the invitaitons from Michaels, as well. I would recommend only printing about 5 at a time to avoid any paper jams. Be prepared to spend several hours printing them. Good luck!
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