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NWR: Paint thoughts?

So we bought our first home last year, and while my mind & wallet have been preoccupied with wedding stuff since we moved in a year ago, my mind is now wandering past the wedding onto home decorating =]

This wall in our front entryway needs to be repainted, whether I do it the same color as all the rest or a new color (the homeowners left extra paint so I have the exact color).  I was debating doing it an accent color.  We have an open concept floor plan, so the area to the left of it (kitchen) is dark cherry wood, black appliances, and gray countertops.  The area to the right of it we've lightened up with a cream couch & blue accents but with the same cherry wood TV stand/coffee table.

I like the idea of an accent wall, but my parents didn't and my FI could really care less either way, haha.  What do you guys think?  Accent color or no?  If so, what color?  I was thinking maybe a toned down version of the blue carpet we have.

Also, eventually we will be buying this bar and putting it against the wall, with either a large mirror or clock centered on the wall with photo frames on either side.


Wall in question 

Kitchen (to the left)

Living room (to the right-ish):

photo trex2_zps7ab4e9b0.jpg
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Re: NWR: Paint thoughts?

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    I love color, so I'm a sucker for any opportunity to bring more of it into a room. I think an accent wall would be beautiful. I actually really like the wall color on that first picture you showed. It's bold but versatile.  Or were you looking for something less neutral?
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    I love the idea of an accent color.  I think it just brings a little something extra to the room.


    If you don’t like it, you can always paint over it.


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    I would select one of the colors from the rug in your living room and use that as your accent color. It'll tie into the rug without being too matchy-matchy. Or you could purchase a few paint samples to go with the rug, try a small area on the wall and see which you like best. They say if you go that route to keep the samples up for awhile so you can see the paint in various lighting situations.

    I just did the same thing in our house that we purchased in January. The walls in the living room/kitchen are all a warm caramel color and we accented one wall with an olive green.

    Let us know what color you pick and show us pictures!!!
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    We don't have a single white/cream/beige wall in our house, so I of course am going to say go for some color! All white walls are so boring, accent walls really liven things up. And if you end up not liking it - well then it's only paint, easy to fix. :)
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    I would try some color, if you don't like it you can just paint over it. 
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    I say do it! I like your idea of playing off of the carpet! It would still be a statement but not too much to overpower the room. 
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    It's decided then, accent wall it is! =]
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    Glad you decided on an accent wall, that's what I was going to vote for! :)
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