May 2012 Weddings


Today I did a trial of the cookies I am making as our favors/place cards. I decided to go with shortbread, and they were easy to make with only a few ingredients. I did take awhile to figure it all out. I was going to attempt to make my own frosting, but went with a pre-made cookie frosting. Taste tested one, of course. Pretty tasty!

I have also been trying to find something from my late grandmother that I could wear or something so I could have her with me. She passed away 7 or 8 years ago, but we were pretty close and I wanted her with me on my wedding day. So, I found this pin that I will put on my bouquet. And this is the ribbon that will be the wrap. I'm pretty happy with my find.


Now I just need to make the name cards for the place cards and a few random things left to do. Can't believe how close it is now...27 days! And only 25 until we leave for the island! So excited.

Re: Mmmm...cookies!

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