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Can I have a brain?

insert Wizard of Oz If I Only Had a Brain song here....

So today I somehow got convinced while we were practicing dancing to our first song that it was not the one I remember him picking origionally. Made him go through like 15 CDs and spent half an hour to realize I think I was thinking of something else... yup, he had it right.

Seriously it's the little things that are making me crazy these days- like not remembering the age of my cousin's kids for the favor bags one of my bridesmaids is making for the 17 (yes, count em) kids under the age of 10 that will be there.

Anyone else getting wedding planning brain?

Re: Can I have a brain?

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    Yeah, I had posted before I spelled my FI's last name wrong on the accommodation cards and didn't even realize it and was about to put them in with the invties when he realized it.  And, I forgot to send my photographer the stuff she needed about our shot list when I had told her I'd send it right over.  I could go on, I'm sure there's lots more.  Hang-in there, we're almost there!!
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    Same! I completely get how you feel. We are so close!
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    Ugh yes! I feel like I completely zone out on wedding thoughts and forget what I was really supposed to be doing or thinking about it.
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    FI said last night he wanted to extend another month or something (j/k of course) and I was like "hell no! I'm tired of planning!" He just laughed.
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    Yep - I'm right there with you.  These last few weeks are going to drive me over the edge!!  It doesn't help that I have 2 HUGE work projects that I personally created and am running, that have me working longer hours than I already was (I average about 50 hrs/week).  

    I keep telling FI..."See, THIS is why I wanted to get married in Greece!!"  He just smiles, hugs me and tells me it's going to be great.  I am very lucky I found this one! :)
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    Yea I'm ready to quit and go to city fi is great at talking me down!
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