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Just wondering why everyone decided on May 2012 and not sooner....
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Re: Why 2012

  • For me, its because we both want to wait until we are out of college. We graduate in 2012...
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  • It's only a year and a half...I don't feel like it's that far away AT ALL!  Anywhere from 1-2 years is pretty normal.  Plus it gives us tons of time to save up and make it the best day of our lives without being strapped for cash.
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    It doesn't seem that far to me either but so many people I've told our date to wonder why it is so far away.

    We chose our date because where we are getting married is one of the top wedding locations so things tend to book fast, plus I am in graduate school until December 2011 and planning a wedding that will take place 5 hours away.

    I prefer a longer engagement because I can plan things slowly rather than rushing to get everything together in a few months.
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  • We want to buy a house first.
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  • Because he graduates in 2012, and I start my rotations and so will have a five week free period.

    I was afraid I'd have to wait until fall of 2012, but when he suggested May, I was really excited that he wanted to have it that soon!
  • We both graduate in 2012 as well, and to plan a wedding while in college is tough, so having a year and a half to plan is really helpful!
  • We got engaged in July and decided that we wanted a spring wedding. Spring 2011 would have been less than a year away, so it wasn’t feasible for us financially. As a bonus, I’m finding that by having a longer engagement it gives us more time to research and find the vendors we really want to work with and we don’t have to worry about them being booked already.

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  • I don't turn 21 until December 2011 and I'd like to be 21 when I get married haha

    Yes, I'm young I know. That's why we're waiting a year and a half.
  • I wanted to get married earlier, but next fall is too difficult for us as we change jobs and perhaps move cities.  Plus, my fiance really wants to do something outdoors.  Hence 2012 - and may is a great time for the spring weather. Also, the venue we fell in love with in DC had basically zero saturdays available in 2011.
  • We chose 2012 for a couple of reasons. 1) It was better for my parents budget wise (They are paying for everything!) 2) I'm graduating in a month and I wanted to be able to find a job and get settled into a job and not feel super pressured to get all the wedding planning done at once. I think if we would have done it in 2011 I might have ended up really stressed trying to do to much at once.
  • like several people above we want to have time to save and not rush. we have already been together for several years so waiting a little longer is not a prob. i think May 2012 is perrrrfect
  • We, like everyone else it seems, wanted plenty of time to plan. I really want to try and make a lot of things for the wedding myself so I wanted to have plenty of time to test things out and get it absolutely perfect. I'm also paying for most of the wedding myself so I wanted to have plenty of time to save up and not have to skimp on things that were important to me because of a lack of budget.

    I'm glad there are so many other people waiting till 2012. It seems like everyone I tell thinks its weird to wait that long. We're gonna be together forever, what's another 18 months?!
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  • We decided on 2012 because it gives us more time to save and I'll be in my last year of my doc program and won't have to worry about so much course work just my dissertation and plus neither one of us will have summer school
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  • We decided on 2012 because of his job situation mainly. He is a Youth Pastor and right now is in a different state interning at a church. We arent sure where he will be in June 2011 so we didnt want to get married until after he settles down and we can be back in the same state again. May 2012 just seemed like the best plan for us right now. It may change, but for now Spring of 12 is the best option for us. Plus more time to plan and get things like we want them
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  • We chose May 2012 because

    a) We want to save up money because we are paying for everything ourselves.
    b) We want to be 21 for our wedding and we turn 21 in Jan. 2012.
    c) His sister is getting married in May 2011 so to honor her wishes of waiting to get married, this was the next logical choice.
    d) Our attendants will still be in school, so we needed to have a date in the summer (our school lets out early May) and far enough in advance for them to plan their schedules around.
    e) We would like to have a place to live.
    f) San Diego is beautiful in May.

    That being said, I would marry my FI tomorrow if I could. Life just isn't that easy...

  • I would love 2011, but I'm doing my student teaching at the moment, so A) money's tight and B) I don't have time to plan stuff at the moment.
  • Because we go to a church that is currently in the process of building a NEW cathedral that will be the biggest in our city, and gorgeous, and since we are 'regulars' at the church our priest said we can have the hall for FREE for friday, saturday and sunday. It won't be constructed until 2012, and im not much for winter cold (we're in Canada). We decided on a spring wedding, and save money by making the choice :)
  • Ours is May 30, 2012. The reason I am choosing May 30 is because it is my parents' anniversary. My mom passed away last year, and this is something I would like to do to honor her. Instead of choosing 2011, we are choosing 2012 to give us time to plan and save up money without getting stressed about everything. :)
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  • We're in the process of house hunting and buying a house now, so we want some time between these major life events (read: EXPENSES!! :)
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