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Oh crap...we cant dance

Sooo we are screwed!   Totally cant dance....we been trying and each time we try FI trys to dip me and I fall...last time right on my back..last night?? My right shoulder(back area)...Im in painnnn..I cried for a good hr last night(of course just wedding stress came thru on that cry)...but still...I can't move my right arm too far back or it pinches the nerve...UGHH  Hopefully the girl doing makeup sat can cover up the nasty bruise thats starting to form....why me??   

So now we really both going oh crap...cuz you cant just dance in circles to Metallica lol...*smacking head*

Re: Oh crap...we cant dance

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    LMAO!  Not that you go hurt, but b/c FI can't dance either.  He does the stiff arm frankenstein side-to-side wobble that is employed by pre-adolescent boys at Jr High dances. 

    We've been practicing and wound up changing to a really slow song and as for a dip?  Heck no, I'm not landing on my a$$ on the floor. 

    good luck. 
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    Yeah..NO DIP Lol...Im done with getting injured Lol....well it is a slow song from them...just gonna look like idiots out there haha..oh well..its our song :)    Glad my FI not onlty one who cant dance hehe
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    LOL only because I totally understand. We danced the other night (just in our kitchen to a slow song) and am very glad we chose something we can simply sway to. FI cannot dance to save his life. I'm not much better but at least i have some rhythm.

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    What's your song?? Ours is nothing else matters, and we can't dance either. We took 2 lessons at an Arthur Murray near us that helped a could probably call and see if you can squeeze something in fast before the wedding. I don't think it made us much better dancers, it just gave us the confidence that we won't get out there and freeze, lol.

    And remember, you two are going to be so crazy happy and in love no one will really remember how you danced :)
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    We're not exceptional dancers either. We'll probably just dance like middle schoolers with maybe a spin in there. We'll see what happens. I'm just looking forward to a minute "alone" with FI!!
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    I'm so sorry you got hurt, but you are too funny!  I can dance to like hip hop stuff (I used to be a cheerleader and on a dance team) so I loved being the center of attention at high school dances.  FI was taught ballroom dancing in his Hungarian boy scouts.  I remember the first time we went to a wedding together and we had to dance to something slow, we was leading me with all this fancy ballroom dancing that I was tripping all over the place from and he said "Why are you so awkward?" I was like "LOL! Since when do YOU know how to dance?!  And BALLROOM at that!"
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    Our song is nothing else matters too! :)  Yeah we really are booked all rest of the week..sooo just will wing it :)  thanks though hehe...thankfully it hasnt bruised honestly..just feels like a bad sunburn..can take that Lol
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    DH and I can't dance either, but we managed just fine for our first dance. Just swayed back and forth like 8th graders :)
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