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Has anyone...

done the wife chop yet? Everyone keeps joking with me that its time for me to get my hair cut since the wedding is over but I have no intentions of cutting my hair. Has anyone else cut all their hair off yet??? Just curious Smile
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Re: Has anyone...

  • lol I've thought about it. I wanna do something drastic though... maybe I'll dye it
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  • I thought I would.. I only started growing my hair out because my hair dresser wanted something to play with for the wedding.. i had just longer than chin length hair, and it was cute, but now my hair is past my shoulders, and I really like having long hair again! It's been a while, I forgot how much I liked it. :)
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  • I'm going to! After the honeymoon which is in 2 weeks :) I want to make sure I like it before I am obligated to take photos---hahaha
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  • I cut about 2 1/2" off two weeks ago!  It's not a drastic change but, I can definitely tell that it's shorter.  :)
  • Not me! I'm growing my hair a couple inches longer...wish it was longer for the wedding. I did put off doing highlights until after the wedding...not sure I even want to do that anymore though.
  • Nope!  My H has made it loud & clear that he will be very unhappy if I cut my hair short....or get the "mom cut" as he calls it.  Which is extremely out of character for him, he normally doesn't care at all what I wear even when I ask him point blank if he likes X or Y dress better, he's always just like "whatever you like!"  Totally laid back and not controlling one bit...except for my hair, which he is clearly attached to =]
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  • My hair right now is the longest it has ever been in my entire life!  I was so ready to do a drastic chop right after the wedding (I wanted to get a stylish bob) but now I'm kind of digging the long hair.  We'll see what happens!
  • I cut about 2" off, but it's still past my shoulders- I'd been growing it since we got engaged and the yucky ends HAD to go.

    In college my hair was past my waist (I was a theater kid, don't judge)- I don't think I'm going to go that darastically long again, but I have enjoyed having more rather than less hair again :)
  • I got probably close to 4" cut off- though I must admit, I do kind of miss my longer hair.  I think I'll let it grow out a bit before my next cut :)
  • I did!! I chopped about 6 inches off. I am SO glad I did it, I was sick of my long hair and H doesn't care how long or short my hair is. So I chopped it all off and added some highlights this past weekend =)
  • My hair is the longest it's been in a long ime! I'm hoping I can grow it long enough to cut if off and donate it to locks of love at the end of the summer. It's probably the only time it will be this long and I'll be able to do so. 
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  • I did!!! 5 inches off!! feels so good!! Hubby loves it too!!
  • I keep threatening that I will....I usually wear my hair just above shoulder so its been wierd having it long for so long...Im ready to cut it, but to get more then just a trim the place I go is kind of pricy and we are in a tight it might wait till mid june or july....Hubby doesnt want me to cut though, so might keep it long till next spring...we'll see.

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  • No way!! I will never rock the short "mom cut" it just isn't for me. My hair will never be above my shoulders. I grew my hair out for the wedding and I am going to continue to grow it out, and if I do cut it, it will only be a few inches.
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  • No way! I love my long hair! I didn't have to grow my hair out or anything for the wedding, but I guess if I did, I would be wanting to cut it. I've had long hair the entire time H and I have been together so I think he'd be sad as well if I cut it short.

    I also don't think I have the face for short hair, so I dont plan on ever cutting it or getting the "mom haircut"
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  • I cut like 5 inches off on Saturday, it is just below my shoulders. I hadn't had a GOOD cut since we got engaged so I chopped all of the unhealthy off. :) I like it but I do want to let it go a little longer again :) I was going to cut it off right after the wedding but H asked me to wait it out. Then on Friday it got HORRIBLY twisted in my tank top and he had to help me and told me I could cut it :)
  • Yes! When we got engaged back in August I had a pixie cut. Then I grew it out as much as I possibly could so there would be some length to it and it could be curled. Well, I got it cut the day before the wedding, just had a trim of sorts and clean it up a bit. The very top layer had grown to the top of my ears, which seems long to me! Anyway. I hated the cut, and the woman kept telling me how good she was, etc. It was still long enough that the next day she was able to curl it a little so it would have some body (think Kris Jenner-ish length). I couldn't wait to cut it since I wasn't happy with it. I cut it last week back to a pixie. Now I have gained 10 mins in the morning to not have to blow dry my hair!
  • No way am i touching mine. It's almost down to my lower back and as healthy and shinny as its ever been. I look old with shorter hair plus my hubby likes it long.
  • i'm totally chopping mine off!! and getting two colors put in, and getting bangs! i can't do the long straight blah anymore!! haha... hubby likes it that way, it's how it was when we first started dating...... anyways, i can't wait to do it!
  • I'm chopping about 5 inches off next week ... I can't wait!
  • I actually shaved my head a year before the wedding Surprised It grew back within the year, but it's still very different (went from straight/relaxed to curly/natural, so it's much shorter in its natural state). I thought I wouldn't even THINK about cutting it for at least 10 yrs, but it crossed my mind the other day. Didn't realize the Wife Chop existed, something to consider...
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    [QUOTE]Nope!  My H has made it loud & clear that he will be very unhappy if I cut my hair short....or get the "mom cut" as he calls it.  Which is extremely out of character for him, he normally doesn't care at all what I wear even when I ask him point blank if he likes X or Y dress better, he's always just like "whatever you like!"  Totally laid back and not controlling one bit...except for my hair, which he is clearly attached to =]
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    H is exactly the same! I cut mine to my shoulders about 3.5 years ago and he has made it very clear since then that he likes it better long. Haha. I may have to cut a few inches, though. Summer in Florida is hot!!
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  • I haven't and don't plan to. But I do however want to do something to it. I am wanting a new cut just mostly putting in layers and then play with the color a little bit.
  • O definitely! I couldn't stand having the longer hair anymore! I was just itching to chop it off and when I did, I went the shortest I have ever went! But I love it and my Husband is totally cool with it. He says he likes it short or long. :)
  • I'm chopping 10" inches off soon and donating it. My hair is almost to my butt when it's straight. I'm ready to get rid of it.
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  • Haha I actually cut my hair BEFORE the wedding!  My stylist was like you have too much hair, you need to cut it so that it will curl better.  Go figure!
  • Guilty! Just went on Saturday and chopped it all off! My H was nervous when I went but he told me I was beautiful when I came back...I been getting rave reviews...even the guys at work who never notice a thing told me they like it better. My face shape loos better with a cute little bob! So happy to have that mess off haha!
  • I live in a new city so once I find someone I am definitely getting it trimmed but I wanted to get about 2" off.  I told DH and he said "That will make it look kind of like my mom's."  So, maybe not...
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  • I haven't, I need to get it shaped and trimmed a little. But my H would LOVE it, if I chopped it all off. I has short hair, as someone said earlier, Kris Jenner length, when we met in High School and he's wanted me to go back to that for years. I'm like uh... no. I would be so out of proportion, my hair has to balance out my butt. LOL

  • I'm definitely not going to. I keep thinking about but I can't bring myself to do it. It's been a long time since my hair has been this long and I really like it. :)
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