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Gift Vent

Let me say up front that I am truly thankful for people going out of their way to buy us stuff, even when they aren't attending the wedding- We truly appreciate the thought.


If we have made the time to make two registries (one home goods, one honeymoon), why in the world would you go to a small specialty shop in your town that is 1400 miles from where we live (aka we can't exchange) to buy gifts that don't even resemble anything on our registries???

I was SO excited when the UPS man left us a giant box on the porch (our first gifts we weren't expecting!), but SO disappointed to find stuff we don't want and won't use. Sad.

Anyway- We're at least hoping to be able to regift them when Christmas comes around :/

Re: Gift Vent

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    Thats really annoying.I don't understand the thought process of people who go "off the registry"....why do you think you know what I want better than I do?!?

     Hopefully this guest will be the only one who decides to go off of your registries and purchase random gifts, from a random place, where you cannot return the item!
    I'm curious though, what exactly did they send you?

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    I don't get when people do this either! Of course you are grateful, but inside you are thinking WTF I made a list of what we wanted, why buy something not on our list with a chance we won't like it!

    At Christmastime when FI's family asked what we wanted we told them to get us something off our registry... we got nothing of our registry, but random stuff we won't really use, I feel bad, but they asked and we told them and they chose to ignore us.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Gift Vent</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thats really annoying.I don't understand the thought process of people who go "off the registry"....<strong>why do you think you know what I want better than I do?!?</strong>
    Posted by cpm1223[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>We were sent a very country-ish looking baking dish in sort of an almond color with sort of a fruit motif- There is no bakeware on our registry, and the serving pieces (and dishes, for that matter) we do have on it are all in bright white and are all more modern.</div><div>
    </div><div>And we also got a baskety thing made of little metal curlicues all welded together- Like something you'd display fruit in, or maybe bread. Except it's huge- A bit bigger than a 13x9 baking dish. Definitely the lesser of the two evils, but we have no room/ use for something that big. And yet again- Nothing remotely like it on the registry.</div><div>
    </div><div>People be crazy, yo.</div>
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    wow, those two items sound.... interesting...

    was the gifter an old lady?  lol

    thankfully all we've gotten so far has been cash (holler!), gift cards to the places we registered and an actual gift from the registry... but it's only just begun.. i'm sure we'll all have some regifting to do this Christmas  :-P
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    Those gifts definitely smell of "old lady".  Some people think that by picking out a gift outside of the registry that they are appealing to your sentimental side because they feel that's it's from the heart.  However, some ladies just buy a ton of stuff when it goes on sale, keep it in a gift closet, and dole it out at Christmas/birthdays/weddings/etc.  One of my dad's sisters is one of those people, and has always given me horrible that is either 3 sizes to small or 3 sizes too big (and obviously not my style), random books by authors I've never heard of, weird name it, she probably has it in stock. This probably makes me sound like a b!tch, but it's money wasted (no matter how much/how little you spent) if it's something weird that I will never use, read, or wear.  Also, it makes me feel like the gifter didn't give a crap about what I like or what I'm into and just gave me whatever random crap they had lying around.  Gee, thanks.
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    I am SO glad you ladies understand- I feel so b!tchy complaining about something that is a gift. 

    And I'm not sure at all about the givers- Both are from FI's side of the family. I think they *might* be older, but not sure at all.

    On the bright side, we won't ever have to see them and pretend to love what they sent ;p
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    I'm afraid this is going to happen to me at my family bridal shower this weekend! 

    Only a couple of things have been bought off our registries (there will be 30 people at the shower) and I have different taste/style than my older family members! So I'm hoping that a lot of them are last minute shoppers or they are giving cash/giftcards.

    I understand about feeling bitchy because I do too...but you are right, that's why we created registries!

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