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Any leftover cake?

Did you have any leftovers? I keep hearing from some friends that they had tons of cake leftover. That sounds crazy to me. Who would leave without getting a slice?? I LOVE cake!!!! :-)

Re: Any leftover cake?

  • A lot of people left without cake but some of the people who stayed later took quite a bit. Then, in lieu of tradition, we ate the tope part of the cake with our families for desert the next day :)
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    we had quite a bit left over at the end of the wedding, but I had the wedding party take a lot of it home and of course we took the top layer to freeze...but I also had a large piece of the second layer wrapped for home..mmmm..ate some today its sooo good...since I only got to taste a fork full at the wedding reception..
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  • OMG yes we had a lot of leftover cake! And we even had more guests than servings of cake, and still had leftovers.
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  • My cake lady urged us to not buy cake for everyone...which I thought was a pretty good idea.  Some people are too busy dancing and partying to stop for cake.  And if you run out of cake, great!  You don't have to take any home.  Then we're having a mini cake made for us by the same lady for our one year anniversary cake, which is becoming more popular I believe.  That way we don't have to freeze the top tier and eat frostburnt cake.  Yuck.
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    [QUOTE]OMG yes we had a lot of leftover cake! And we even had more guests than servings of cake, and still had leftovers.
    Posted by lnvane00[/QUOTE]

    <div>this was us too. but we knew there would be extra cake...we wanted 4 tiers and had about 90 guests</div>
  • Lots left over. I took it to work when I went back. My DH and I snacked on some for about a week from our fridge after that.
  • I don't think we had alot left over. But I know a number of people took some with them. I did take the top home with us, ate a slice, and froze another (larger) slice, and threw the rest away. I felt kinda bad because it was good, but I couldn't justify being a gluton for a week. Plus, who wants to eat freezer burned cake? Gross. I think we'll get an anniversary cake in the flavor H liked (since the frozen piece is not a flavor he enjoyed).
  • we only got a 10 inch cake for cutting. Then there was pie and other cake as well for dessert. We told people to please eat the wedding cake.... I brought home 3/4 of it.
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  • I was thinking there was going to be left over cake for us to have after the wedding, but there wasn't any leftover.
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    We had almost an entire layer left over (in addition to the top tier we're freezing!)
    I'm a teacher so I took it in to my kids when I returned to work. They were so pumped that they felt like they got to be a "part" of my wedding, too!
    It's a fun memory for me as well...
    but if you don't have 32 5th grade mouths to feed, I don't know what to tell ya! :)

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  • The only left over cake that I know of from our wedding is the top tier, obviously, that is now in the freezer, and two large slices of the bottom tier flavor that they wrapped up for us, which is the only flavor that wasn't served to use on the wedding day.  If there were more left overs, the venue didn't tell us and I'm sure it was thrown out.  They are pretty strict about no to-go containers because they're liable if people get sick from their food even if it's not their fault that it's left out, etc.  But we did also get a whole extra tier of cake, that was not part of our actual cake, from the bakery.  It's really weird and in the freezer now.  We're finally seeing some family this weekend since we've been on our honeymoon since we got married haha - so we're gonna bring it and eat it then.  I wonder what flavor it is!
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