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Bachelor Party for FI

Ok ladies, need some honest opinions. The best man wants to plan a guys weekend in Vegas for FI. Is it weird that I'm totally ok with this? Everyone around me is freaking out that I'm not worried. We have been together 8 years and fully trust him and the best man. not sure if I'm being too laid back about this?

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  • I think its awesome that you trust him.

    I would definitely be freaking out about it. I have too much anxiety to handle FI being that far away and not knowing what could happen. I get freaked out about Bachelor parties in the first place. LOL
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    I would be freaking out too. It's wonderful that you trust him and I think it's a great thing. I trust FI 100% and wouldn't worry about that just I wouldn't want him so far away from me when the wedding was so close.
  • I'm in the same situation- We've been together 9 years, he and the boys are going to New Orleans for the weekend, and I couldn't care less.

  • I would be completely fine with it as well.. My bestie on the other hand had an anxiety attack when she heard they wanted to take her FI to vegas for his bachelor party.. lol Everyone's different.. I think it would be fun and I know if the roles were reversed my FI would encourage me to go as well.
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  • I'd be totally fine with it.  I totally trust FI and I figure that if he does something stupid, we'll roll with it from there.
  • I would not be freaking out ...mine is going away for a weekend and I could care less...we are always going away without each biggie. You shouldn't be marrying a man you don't trust. :)
  • Awww thanks ladies, it's funny how we are all around the US but yet understand each other like great friends! Totally agree with everyone replies. :)
  • I wouldn't care, either.  If people are going to get into trouble, they'll do it whether they are in Vegas or their hometown.

    My issue would be more "WTF?  You get to go to Vegas and I don't?" sentiment =]
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Bachelor Party for FI</a>:
    [QUOTE]I would not be freaking out ...mine is going away for a weekend and I could care less...we are always going away without each biggie. You shouldn't be marrying a man you don't trust. :)
    Posted by Melissa51212[/QUOTE]

    <div>This exactly. Mine was actually in Vegas this whole past week, and it was nice to have the house to myself! :) </div>
  • FI's bachelor party was in Foxwoods, but I trust him, and his friends would never let anything bad happen to him. 
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  • If I was in this position, I wouldnt be freaking out, but I might say...."have fun, but just to let you know Im not super comfortable with some of your guys ideas all the time. I'd rather there be no strip clubs, but I wont hold it against you". That way without being a party pooper or winey gf, he knows that Im not thrilled about some potential aspects of the plan, and I trust my FI that if he knew this he would let his guys know, that HE doesnt want to go to strip clubs. Part of this for me though is personal conviction, I truely beleive strip clubs are inappropriate for anyone in a commited relationship, if I didnt have this conviction for myself I wouldnt put it on him either.

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  • I am totally fine with him going away with the guys! I agree with Aurorasenvy...I would be more jealous that I didn't get to go haha. 
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