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Is this normal??

So I think I was probably one of the first of us to get married on 5/4, and I still have yet to see any of my professional photos.  This Friday will be 6 weeks since the wedding and I'm seriously DYING!  I'm kinda torn because I want my pics now now now but I also don't want to pressure the photographer and have him rush through things and not give me and 110% job.  Any thoughts?  uuuugh!

Re: Is this normal??

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    H and I got married 5/4 also, we picked up the disc of photos on Friday. They would have been ready sooner but we requested a few more alteration :) I think you are ok to ask about it.
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    Were you given any sort of time frame ahead of time?

    Have you emailed the photog at all? If not, I think since it was 6 weeks ago, a follow up email is a good idea. It's not like the wedding was a week ago and you're already asking for pics!

    Hope they respond quickly and let you know an ETA for your pics!

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    We were married 5/5. 4 weeks after I emailed the photog and he said 4- 6 weeks, and that he took more pictures at our wedding than any other he's done. So I'm going to email him again this weekend, just to see where he's at.

    It's KILLING me!!! He has only let us see a couple of shots :/

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    We were married on 5-4 also, had 3 photographers.  We saw a sneak peek from one the day after the wedding (about 100 pics), just saw another peek with about 100 pics this morning, and are still waiting for the 3rd (but he's a personal friend so we aren't too worried about his).  I think it's ok to inquire on status but, I know ours were swamped with lots of projects and just needed all the time they could have to get ours out to us.  We have yet to hear from our videographer! :)
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     We were married May 5th. Our photographer just did our ceremony from 1-5. We have had our pictures for about 3 weeks now. Our video is almost done.
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    We just got our sneak peak from our May 5th wedding this past Sunday, 5 weeks since our wedding. I was going CRAZY! She originally said 6-8 weeks for the rest of the photos, but she said she may not have them done by the 8 week mark... I am dying for the rest, but I don't want her to rush as I would be happier to receive them later and have them be her best quality than have them earlier and not be the best.

    I would just email and ask what's up.
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    I've only seen 2 photos so far from our photographer (but she also launched a new website and did a dance recital and had a week long vacation). Is it driving me NUTS? totally. We have a not to exceed 90 days thing in our contract so I'm really hoping it doesn't take that long.

    I do know she shoots in the raw and has to post-process and so I know it takes awhile. 

    I also know our friend took some photos and he's given me one. I may end up using his for our Thank You card or have to do something else soon. 

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    Our photographers usually take about 8 weeks. I would e-mail your photog just to get an update if you want, but I wouldn't start worrying too much just yet. I know the waiting is not fun though!
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    I haven't seen any photos yet - no teasers or anything like most people have.  They did do a slideshow at the wedding, but I didn't get a chance to go over and look at it - I was having too much fun dancing!  I think pretty much all photographers now shoot in the raw and have multiple photographers on-site so there are tons of pics, so I know it does take a little while to process things, but I'm DYING!  I'm not too too worried - I have reached out to them and they said they're still editing.  The only thing is that my package came with 100 thank you cards, and they're actually really nice, and I really would like to get those out before people start talking....not sure if that's gonna happen by 7/4 at this point!  I'm such a stickler for etiquette!  Also, yesterday I was on their fb and they had a post from a wedding on 5/11, so that was a whole week after mine!  I know they have several photographers, but still...even if they could just give me some teasers that would at least quench my appetite for a few days haha!
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    I am reading..and the post doesnt make me feel any better, but at least Im not alone!! Our wedding was 5/19..tomorrow (saturday) will be 4 weeks...our photog gave us a peek of 4 or 5 pics at week 2, but the excitement over those have waned..I know that hes busy since hes done some graduations and baby bump sessions..but I really am DYING!! I was just contacted yesterday by the videographer in reference to the music that we would want on the video...
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    we were promised a sneak peak the week after the wedding (because they were going to post the photos that had already been edited to show at the reception)...they didn't post it didnt post it....last week I called them out and got a pretty unprofessional response, but did get a sneak peak yesterday...with a whole 4 photos. Im worried about the rest of the pictures (timeline and how good they will bother to edit them) because they quoted personal problems to be the delay...

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