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registry stalking!! (AW sorry! lol)

I went to BBB today with my mommy cuz she wanted to buy me something off of my registry (we successfully spent $75..without the o well!! i got stuff i like! lol)..

anyways..i ran into ppl at BBB SHOPpiNG FOR ME!!! lol 
soo..i went online to not see what they bought, but to see if it got off the list already ( at the top it says how many gifts were purchased)...

last night it was still at its at 9!!!! HOLY CRAP! lol 

AND off of my target list 5 items were bought!!

im trying REALLY hard not to look!! but..i know someone bought me a HUGE bowl cuz it was on the top..and i could see that it was bought..but its like a serving bowl and its red (my pots/pans/serving things are red).

so im REALLY excited!!!!!

Re: registry stalking!! (AW sorry! lol)

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