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Becoming worried about fittings ...

So, my gown is in, but I'm waiting for my shoes. It's a long story, but I've had to have them remade AGAIN because of fit issues. and they were supposed to be shipped out weeks ago. Alas, they haven't shipped yet. So, my first fitting was originally scheduled for March 27. I had to reschedule because of my missing shoes. It's now scheduled for April 5 ... Thursday! Well, I have to call again tomorrow and reschedule for a third time, all because of my shoes. And I live 90 minutes from the bridal salon, so I need to get an evening appt, which book up a few weeks in advance. I'm becoming a bit nervous about the timing. The wedding isn't until May 26, but I'm still a bit concerned ...

Anyhow, just needed to freak out to other brides. Thanks!
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