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Is anyone doing a memorial vase? if so where did you get it?

We want to do one since we only have 1 set of grandparents each that will be attending and we have lost several members of our families in the last year. No names will be on there just a nice saying with some flowers inside. Any ideas?

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    I just googled it and a bunch of stuff came up.  I've never actually heard of this until now and it seems pretty easy to find - and nothing is crazy expensive.  Google girl!
    Here's a couple I found...
    Some have names, but I'm sure you could personalize it to whatever you want it to say.

    EDIT:  Here's another that's a few bucks cheaper.
  • I looked at vases, but decided I like a candle better for my father. My niece will go down the aisle after my FMIL is seated and before the guys come out and light the candle and leave a rose beside it for my dad.
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    Since we're not doing a unity candle ceremony, we decided we would do 2 memorial candles - one for people he's lost on his side of the family and one for mine. The mothers will light each candle before the wedding party walks down, and there will be a note in the program about it. My mom was kinda bummed that we weren't doing a unity ceremony that the mother's could participate in like the candle ceremony, so I thought this was a nice way to incorporate the mothers and celebrate the lives of those who will be with us in spirit.

    You could probably DIY this with a nice vase from Michael's and some of the etching cream, or get a straigh sided vase and use vellum glued to the outside for the saying. We're doing floating candles in straigh vases with the vellum on the outside for our candles.
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