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* Accountability post - Happy Friday!

It's crunch time, let's hold each other accountable for nutrition and fitness to look our best the big day!

Workout - Fun 5k run with friends for our monthly Wine bar meet up
D - Arby's ... I ate 1/2 of my meal ;)

Workout - supposed to be 'rest day' but running errands ALL day ;)
B - not sure yet still full from last night

L - out with FI
D - pizza with my girlfriends when we have zombie movie night!
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Re: * Accountability post - Happy Friday!

  • If you want to loose weight....give blood!  I lost 2 lbs and ate way more than I normally do!


    Workout - no workout gave blood
    D - Chicken Stir fry

    B - egg, puffed rice, and banana

    S- raisins sunflower seeds
    L - apple walnut salad
    S- celery, dates, almonds, and rice cakes
    D - ?
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  • Not to butt in on you girls, but I know that some of you like running - my FI is a big runner, and found this app/game that involves zombies & running.  It sounded kind of fun, and he likes it (although he runs so much he is going to be through it really quick) but I thought I might pass it on in case you guys were looking for some variety in your workouts =]

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  • @AurorasEnvy - not butting in at all! Thanks for sharing! I sent it to FI, maybe it will be the motiviation he needs to start working out!

    B: egg burrito w/ spinach & salsa on wheat, coffee
    L: salad
    D: TBD - I'm taking FI out for his Christmas present. Kind of late, but he doesn't mind. Not sure what I'll have since it's a special night!
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  • Today:
    B: Lavish oatmeal
    S: protein bar
    L: a turkey burger and like 5 fries (put water on the rest so i wouldn't eat them)

    To Do:
    D: TBD- we may be going to a March Madness game (big 12 has their tournament in KC) but if not I plan on making a veggie and turkey kilbasa casserole I found on pinterest.
    W/O: Insanity if we don't go to the game.
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