May 2012 Weddings

been looking for cheap cups..

sooo i need to supply the cups, ice, and alll that jazz for my bar...i need about 500-600 cups...
SOO i emailed the solo cup company and  asked if they gave out coupons or w/e...they basically said.." we dont do coupons...spend the money"..

soo.. i refused to buy solo cups.

i went to party city today, just to price the cups.. and..

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!! (package of 50 for $7.99) GREAT DEAL!!

Soo i bought 600 cups...and only paid for 300..

i feel like emailing solo cups and being like HAHA you lost a sale.....but im sure they wont miss $50-$100..) lol...

o well! Im happy!

Re: been looking for cheap cups..

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