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The suspense is killing me!

So, I know something is being planned, since both registries are practically empty. But I have no idea when my shower is! I do love surprises....just hope it's not the day I decide to wear my yoga pants and sneakers. lol. But still....the suspense is killing me!

Re: The suspense is killing me!

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    I know what you mean! Mine is a surprise, even though I didn't want it to be MOH told me the date then my mom changed it because "it has to be a surprise or something horrible will happen."

    I got FI to at least tell me the month (April) and he said that it was just going to be his mom and sister coming, not the grandmothers and his aunt, and they were not going to be staying with us. I know it's not the first weekend in April because I have a friend's bridal shower (also BM in my wedding) and it's Easter, and they wouldn't do it the weekend before the wedding so that leaves April 13, 14, 15 or the 20, 21, 22. I could easily ask FI and he would tell me all of the details, but I guess my mom and sister sat him down like he is doing some secret CIA mission and can't tell a soul or he will die.

    I hope I am not wearing yucky clothes either! I have a feeling my sister is going to ask me to go out to lunch which NEVER happens so I will know it's my shower... I mean usually I dress casual nice if I am going out somewhere, but if I am just going to my mom's I will wear leggings...
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    I would totally be 100% uncooperative with a surprise shower, haha.  I guess you just have to look cute everytime you leave the house until it happens!
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    I think my Mom and MOH really wanted to throw me a surprise shower, until I reminded them that I live 3 hours away and NEVER dress up unless I have to. The thought of me showing up to my shower in jeans and a tshirt broke them down so they eventually told me the date. Although that's all I know. 
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    As of right now, my shower is apparently a surprise. I have no idea on the date but my fiance knows the date, which is driving me crazy. I have a feeling it may be in April but I don't know the date. I hope I don't make any plans that mess up the surprise. My mom was asking for a lot of addresses so I know invitations are going out soon too. I am just not that good with knowing their is something coming and I don't have much information. 
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