Changing Mind with Wedding Cake Design?

With four months to go and already having put down a deposit for our cake, I'm thinking about overhauling our cake design. Anyone done this before? How did it go renegotiating what you wanted?
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Re: Changing Mind with Wedding Cake Design?

  • We ordered our cake through oakmont and we could have made changes at any time. The price just would have went up. Hope that helps.
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  • Sorry no help, we went with Cakes by Tammy and theres no fee to change our design...unless the design itself cost more. Good luck!
  • At four months ahead there's no way they should have a problem changing your design. Four WEEKS would be different, even but four months? 

    Certainly design changes can impact the price, but I mean that in the sense that if you go from buttercream to fondant, the price per serving changes (or vice versa, even).  There's no way they've done any preparation for your cake this far in advance, unless they had to have some premium embellishments custom-made--in which case, you'll be responsible for the cost of anything they can't re-use. 

    But that's exceptionally unlikely.  Shouldn't be a problem.

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