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A few checks coming up!

Finally addressed/sealed/stamped what invites I could last night. Got done close to quarter after 3 am. I dropped them off this morning at the post office. I'm SO nervous. I'm so afraid that I've either put the wrong address to the wrong name or put the address wrong in general. It all becomes a blur. It was so hard to keep track. When I came across an inner envelope with a name on it, I'd look for the label with the address for the outer envelope and couldn't find it. Then realize I hadn't printed it some how. Yes, I did labels. Clear ones. I think it looks cleaner and better than some hand caligraphy I've seen. Hopefully, everything turns out. The rest of the invites (under 10) will probably go out Monday. Still waiting on people to respond with their addresses.

Tomorrow is going to be the check-filled day. At 10am I've got my 3rd fitting. The seamstress said they made the fabric work. If anyone remembers, I had paid for the front hemline of the dress to barely touch the floor at my first fitting. At my second fitting it was still nearly 2 inches from the floor. Instead of ordering new material to correct this mistake, she told me that they'd try to make the existing fabric work. I don't know how they could possibly do this if the tip top of the extra material was already attached to the very bottom of the hemline. If they somehow worked a miracle, then great. I will just make sure to inspect the work thorough enough to make sure that it will not likely fall apart during the ceremony or reception.

After I'm done with my fitting, it's off to the mall to look at the bridesmaids' jewelry that I'm having made. If I'm happy with it, they will make the rest of them. Then after that, it's off to Jared to pick up  FI's and my wedding bands. I can't wait. It's going to be a long busy day tomorrow. What will add to the excitement, my MOH is coming with me, but her friend is being induced tomorrow. So she'll have 3 little girls plus her own 8 month old son to tag along with us. Wish us luck!

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