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Color coding your escort cards?

We met with our venue rep this weekend, and he asked us to color code the escort cards, e.g. blue for meat, red for fish. I dont like those round color codes you get at Staples... it also throws off our cute escort cards (white cards, with purple butterflies and flowers). Any ideas how to color code them for the waiting staff, but still look elegant? I thought maybe like mini stickers? But not sure, where to get them... how are you doing yours?

Here is a copy of my escort card:


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Re: Color coding your escort cards?

  • I was thinking of putting a sticker on ours as well - or you could glue different colored bows on the corners?
  • I got little stick on gems at Micheal's for a few dollars: red for meat, blue for fish, green for vegetarian and gold for kid's meals.  It looked pretty and did not clash with my overall Indian theme.  Michael's. Hobby Lobby and the JoAnn Fabrics near my house all had fabulous selection of sticker and also tiny paper punches.  You could do paper punched design that matches the rest of your colors.  As long as the venue knows what color is what - you're good to go.
  • I think little pearls would be cute and still go with your theme... and they have them in different colors. You would just decide on the colors and then tell them what the colors mean. It can stay within theme. =o)
  • We are having pink up-lighting, so I am afraid that gems or stickers might not be easily seen.  What I thought about doing instead is different background colors for the different meals.  Pink with brown font for one, brown with pink font for another, but keeping the same design.


    Either that, or using a different color matte behind the cards? 

  • II was just going to write a letter on the back of each escort card (we're doing flat, not folded). C for chicken, F for fish, etc.
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  • I'm using gems, but I think ribbons would work great (different colors for different dinner choices); it wouldn't ruin the look of your cards.
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  • I would do the gems - I am putting a stamp on each one (green, blue, pink, purple) corresponding to what the person orders.  I was also thinking about gems or ribbon.
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  • Pretty much what all PP said =]  Have you ordered them yet?  Maybe you could just order the escort cards to come with different colored flowers.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Color coding your escort cards?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Pretty much what all PP said =]  Have you ordered them yet?  <strong>Maybe you could just order the escort cards to come with different colored flowers.</strong>
    Posted by AurorasEnvy[/QUOTE]

    <div>I was wondering this too.</div>
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