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**12 GUESTS! WTF??!!!**

So yesterday was our RSVP due date. My mom has been handling the RSVPs so I was pretty much out of the loop (out of sight, out of mind kind of thing).

So, after going home to see my parents and looking over the RSVP we had 12 PEOPLE RSVP 'yes' FOR THE GROOM'S SIDE. We invited 120 guests total, ONLY 12 PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR THE GROOM!! I can't believe it! Only 12 people (and yes that includes 2 which are in the bridal party). Of course he has friends coming to but I couldn't believe that only 12 of his 45 invited family members are attending...(and that's AFTER tracking down those who didn't mail in their RSVPs)


Re: **12 GUESTS! WTF??!!!**

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    I know that this can be heartbreaking but it's one of those things that is just totally out of your control.  Try not to get so upset - just look forward to the good times that you're going to have with the ones who RSVPed "yes!"
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    I'm in the same situation- Out of about 40 family members, I will have 8 people there :/
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    Same thing with my Fi family. The thing that pissed me off the most? They ALL bitched and moaned about getting an invite and none of them are coming anyway. Seriously? Ugh.
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    I understand how much that's frustrating... FI's father is not coming to the wedding... and only 2 members of the family are coming at all.

    We have come to accept it and are having a party where we live later on and we hope more family can make the party.
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    A lot of people from FI's side are not able to come from OOT to our wedding because it is too expensive for them to travel. Of course we all want 100% attendance, but it's usually unlikely. Just focus on the people that are coming :) 
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