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Lipstick/lipgloss recommendation for smokey eye makeup?

Hi ladies,

I'm planning to get purple smokey eye makeup on my wedding day... what would you recommened for my lips? I figured, i need a light colored pink or rose-based color... one that gives a little bit of shine and doesnt dry my lips out... I usually dont wear makeup at all, so dont even own a lipstick...hahaa... any recommendations that would go well with dramatic eyes? Thanks for any suggestions!
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Re: Lipstick/lipgloss recommendation for smokey eye makeup?

  • I'm doing smokey purple eyes, too- I'm using BareMinerals lip gloss in Cupcake. It's a little rosier than my natural lip color. It goes on kind of sticky, but after a few minutes it doesn't bother me any more. Also, for being a lip gloss, it lasts pretty well for me, even through eating.

  • I tried one today from Lancome. It was aberry something...and it looks very pretty.. I'm doing purple smokiness too...gotta love GREENn eyes!!
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  • We went for a nice pink.  Here are my purple smokey eyes from my trial so you can see how it looks =]

    Pics my makeup artist took:

    Pics my photographer took (boudoir shoot :)
    photo trex2_zps7ab4e9b0.jpg
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  • I will be doing smokey eyes as well but I think I will do a nude lip.
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